Record Information Services is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed BETA Website, with a bold new look and enhanced navigating experience. The new has been in development for over two years, and will be available for clients to start BETA test this week. Read more

Posted On: 05-22-14

Record Information Services launches Watch Illinois for Corporate accounts in order for those employers to be notified of your employee’s criminal activity and financial problems that occur outside the workplace, read more.

Posted On: 04-08-14

NEW: We have implemented a new link for Cook County property information on our Real Estate, Mortgage, and Foreclosure databases. Clients just click on the “Assessment Info” link while they are looking at a record in their search results, and it takes them to the Cook County Tax Portal site, which shows more information regarding current taxes and liens. Contact us for more info.

Posted On: 07-22-13
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[Photo credit: Tumbleweed Homes] The concept of small living is not new, but builders across the U.S. are making it easier to become a tiny homeowner, whether you choose to build your own micro-sized home yourself or buy one readymade. A tiny house is a movable living space, most often built on a trailer, that average about 150 square feet (not including the sleeping loft). In fact, many are built to the maximum width – 8.5 feet...
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New Homeowners 5,447,316
Mortgages 9,607,837
Businesses 101,575
Foreclosures 1,101,452
Tax Sales 41,292
Bankruptcies 1,067,052
Tax Liens 243,384
Divorces 218,431
Criminal Misdemeanors 1,188,645
Felony 469,450
DUI 285,410
Suspended Licenses 794,730
Probate 117,056
Incorporations 90,876
Detainers 822,377
Liens - Judgments 290,995
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