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Record Information Services is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed Backend Website, with a bold new look and enhanced navigating experience. The new has been in development for over two years, and will be available for clients now. Read more

Posted On: 05-22-14

Record Information Services launches Watch Illinois for Corporate accounts in order for those employers to be notified of your employee’s criminal activity and financial problems that occur outside the workplace, read more.

Posted On: 04-08-14
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Boomers: Buying Your Next Home
For many Americans, retirement signifies a new chapter in their lives, one that comes complete with a new home. Call it downsizing; call it rightsizing. Regardless, buying a new home in retirement, when many older adults take to traveling and other leisure activities, requires some additional research. Retirees must first educate themselves about their options and their new reality. “One of the biggest misconceptions is the...
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New Homeowners 4,850,444
Mortgages 8,658,224
Businesses 107,073
Foreclosures 1,137,639
Tax Sales 45,955
Bankruptcies 1,113,281
Tax Liens 256,497
Divorces 233,763
Criminal Misdemeanors 1,260,702
Felony 510,836
DUI 303,344
Suspended Licenses 849,166
Probate 126,960
Incorporations 90,969
Detainers 870,729
Liens - Judgments 307,790
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