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Posted On: 12-11-17

Record Information Services has launched additional Illinois API feeds for Incorporations and Business Licenses public records.

Posted On: 05-15-16

Record Information Services has launched additional Illinois API feeds for Probate, Divorces, Tax Sales, Liens, Building Code Violations and Bankruptcy public records.

Posted On: 04-17-16
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New Homeowners 6,663,907
Mortgages 10,890,428
Businesses 121,723
Foreclosures 1,217,711
Tax Sales 57,478
Bankruptcies 1,231,660
Tax Liens 288,515
Divorces 274,213
Criminal Misdemeanors 1,415,474
Felony 608,179
DUI 347,430
Suspended Licenses 997,855
Probate 155,628
Incorporations 119,765
Detainers 991,207
Liens - Judgments 348,760
Building Violations 31,137
Mortgage Assignments 105,802
Mortgage Releases 697,173
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