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This information provides an incredible resource to a variety of businesses interested in reaching new homeowners.

New Homeowners represent a great opportunity. Often unfamiliar with new neighborhoods, those who have recently purchased a home need to find local merchants and service providers soon after they move in. Since homeowners in general have above-average incomes, established credit and specific purchasing needs, they are lucrative audiences for both direct mail and telephone promotions.

The following are some examples of of why the new homeowners make such good prospects:

  • New Homeowners spend more money during the first six months in their new home than the average family spends in 5 years.
  • New Homeowners have greater purchasing power and need a greater variety of products and services than the average family.
  • New Homeowners establish new buying patterns within the first three months of moving.
  • New Homeowners seek doctors and other professionals soon after they move.
  • New Homeowners are extremely creditworthy. Remember, they have just passed the most difficult credit check of their lives. . . obtaining a mortgage.
  • New Homeowners are responsive to an offer of your services and/or products, whether it be by mail, telephone or in person.

New Homeowner Profile:

  • Affluent - Average annual household income of $59,000; 10% earn over $100,000
  • Educated - 60.1% of male heads of household and 51.7% of females have at least a college degree
  • Professional - 73.6% of male head of household and 49.3% of females described their employment category as executive, manager, professional, sales, or business owner
  • Marital Status - 77.2% are currently married
  • Children - 58.2% of married couples have an average of 2 children living in their household
  • Average Age - Male, 38.1; Female, 37
  • First Time Buyers - 35.8% of the new homeowners are first time buyers.
  • Length of Residence in previous home - 6.6 years for those who owned their home and 4.1 years for those who rented.
  • Distance Moved - 25.5% moved from another state
  • Pets - 56.7% own at least one pet
  • Automobiles - 63.6% own 2 vehicles; 13% own 3 or more
  • Travel - 91.8% travel an average of 5.2 times during the past year
  • Mail Order Purchases - 82.7% had purchased by mail order at least one time during the past year; 51.3% ordered three times or more in the past year
  • Newspaper - 68.3% reads a newspaper on a daily basis

We offer current information as well as archived data that can be useful to target for direct mail purposes.

  • We offer this information with and without phone numbers.
  • We can provide this information in multiple formats.
  • The real difference between other companies and Record Information Services is that our pricing is flat fee rather than per record. This system offers the best value for your money.
  • Cook County Illinois is the second largest county in the country. We geocode all of our data to ferr the ability to search by census tract. Cook County can also be searched by top 77 comunities or by neighborhood. It offers the ability to pinpoint extaclty the geographic area that you desire.

Record Information Services compiles information on a daily basis and offers new lists on a weekly basis. By compiling our data daily, our currency is second to none. Daily files are available on a custom basis. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

We compile these Illinois New Homeowners for the following counties:

  • Boone County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Champaign County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Cook County Illinois New Homeowners
  • DeKalb County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Dupage County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Kane County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Kankakee County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Kendall County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Knox County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Lake County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Madison County Illinois New Homeowners
  • McHenry County Illinois New Homeowners
  • McLean County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Monroe County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Peoria County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Rock Island County Illinois New Homeowners
  • St. Clair County New Homeowners
  • Sangamon County New Homeowners
  • Tazewell County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Vermillion County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Will County Illinois New Homeowners
  • Winnebago County Illinois New Homeowners

Please view our public record sample pages as well as our product-pricing menu for all options. If you have a request, that you do not see as an option, please feel free to call us at (630) 557-1000.

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