Socrates Banner, in partnership with Socrates, brings you time and money-saving DIY forms, kits and software. Whether you are selling a home, renting property, starting a business or creating a will, legal forms are crucial to managing your real estate, business and personal matters. Take control of your legal issues with Socrates.

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Product Image Agreement to Sell Real Estate
Whether you’re selling a home or purchasing investment property, execute the transaction safely and easily. The customizable Agreement to Sell Real Estate allows you to protect yourself and maintain a permanent legal record of the deal.
Price: $14.95 Buy Now
Product Image Offer to Purchase Real Estate
Eliminate the worries of purchasing real estate with this customizable legal form that covers all of the important issue in clear, concise language that all parties can understand.
Price: $9.95 Buy Now
Product Image Buying & Selling Your Home
Ensure the process of buying or selling a home goes smoothly from beginning to end with the help of this kit’s comprehensive information—on everything from financing to classifieds to open houses—and up-to-date forms.
Price: $29.95 Buy Now
Product Image Lease with Purchase Option
With this Lease with Purchase Option form, you can create a complete and legal document that attracts tenants who are interested in purchasing your property and protects you in the event that future legal disputes arise.
Price: $14.95 Buy Now
Product Image Last Will & Testament
Protect your loved ones, make your wishes known and award your assets as you desire. Contains the forms and instructions you need to plan your estate responsibly and affordably.
Price: $14.95 Buy Now
Product Image Residential Lease
Protect yourself and satisfy your tenants: This form provides an up-to-date, customizable agreement that lays out rental terms and conditions—from payments to pets to parking—in clear, concise language.
Price: $14.95 Buy Now
Product Image Living Will & Power of Attorney for Health Care Kit
Express your choice of when to discontinue treatment and life support and who should make that decision for you if you’re permanently incapacitated. Includes instructional guide and 14 forms.
Price: $29.95 Buy Now
Product Image Divorce Kit
Save time and costly legal fees by completing an uncontested divorce yourself. This convenient Divorce Kit contains a user manual and all the up-to-date materials you need to make the process go quickly and smoothly.
Price: $29.95 Buy Now

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