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Product Image Bankruptcy Kit
This comprehensive kit details all the major changes in bankruptcy law that went into effect October 17, 2005, and guides you through the entire process from deciding whether bankruptcy is right for you to determining whether you are eligible for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or 13.
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Product Image Limited Liability Companies
This easy-to-use e-book contains all the instructions and forms you need to set up and manage your own Limited Liability Company, which will give you the tax advantages of a partnership and the liability protection of a corporation.
Price: $29.95 Buy Now
Product Image Rental/Credit Application
This form makes it easy to collect important information about your potential tenant from previous landlords to employment history to credit references so you can be sure you have a reliable tenant who will pay the rent on time.
Price: $9.95 Buy Now
Product Image Landlording Kit
Being a great landlord is easy with this informative kit. It contains a wide range of customizable forms and useful materials to help your rental processes run more smoothly so you’ll be more confident and your tenants will be happier.
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Product Image Commercial Lease
The Socrates Commercial Lease virtually eliminates confusion and helps you create a customized, trouble-free agreement that is cost-effective and acceptable to all concerned parties and complies with your state's laws.
Price: $9.95 Buy Now
Product Image Monthly Rental Agreement
Giving you the know-how to protect yourself and your tenants with a complete, easy-to-use lease.
Price: $14.95 Buy Now
Product Image Contractor's Forms
Handle more jobs with less work using these customizable electronic forms. They will help you create everything from agreements to finished estimates, complete proposals to final invoices.
Price: $29.95 Buy Now
Product Image General Power of Attorney
With this up-to-date, customizable form you can protect yourself and your family by giving the person of your choice the legal authority to handle your everyday finances and responsibilities if something happens to you.
Price: $9.95 Buy Now
Product Image Quitclaim Deed
Release your interest in land or property quickly and easily, while maintaining an accurate, accessible record of the transaction.
Price: $9.95 Buy Now

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