Illinois Mortgage API

Now you can provide current and accurate Illinois public record information to your Extranet online visitors. Increase traffic on your Website and provide content of interest with our easy-to-setup Illinois Mortgage data integration.

How does it work?

Developers have the opportunity to pick which fields appear on their Website. Pricing is determined by API method chosen, number of fields chosen, and public publishing of the data.

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Available Illinois Mortgage Information:
  • Input Date: This is the date the public record was typed into Record Information Services' database. This is not to be confused with the date of transaction, or date of record.
  • Date of Record The date the record was filed at the recorder's office.
  • Document Number: The number referencing filing document. This is NOT the loan account number.
  • Pin Number: The property identification number (parcel number).
  • First Name and Last Name: The name of the individual(s) who purchased the property.
  • Interest Rate: This is identified on 15-20% of all records.
  • Mortgage Date: The date the mortgage closed.
  • Mortgage Due Date: End of the mortgage term.
  • Lender Name Code: B = Bank; M = Mortgage Company; F = Financial Institution; CU = Credit Union
  • Mortgage Type: L=Line of credit; 1=1st Mortgage
  • Rate Type: F=Fixed; V=Variable
  • FNMA: If marked, then this mortgage is a Fannie Mae-backed mortgage.
  • Section, Township, Range, Meridian: Identifies geographical locations of the property.
  • Telephone Usually available on around 40% of records. Scrubbed against the "Do-Not-Call List" bi-monthly.
  • Beneficiary Information: The beneficiary of a mortgage loan is the lender.
  • Property Type: Residential, Condo, Townhome, etc. In Illinois, counties did not identify property type on documents until October of 2002.
  • Race: This is subjective in nature; it does not appear on the actual mortgage record.
  • Buyer ID Code: SP = Single Person. SM = Single Male. SW = Single Woman. MW = Married Male. MP = Married Person. MW = Married Woman. HW = Husband/Wife. O = Other. CO = Company or Corporation. LV = Living Trust. TR = Trustee. WD = Widow or Widower. ID = Individual. AK = Also Known As. RT = Revocable Trust.
  • LTV: Loan-to-Value is the amount the homeowner owes versus what the property is worth. For example, if the property's value is $100,000, and the homeowner put down $20,000, then the LTV is 80%.
  • Down Payment: This will only appear here if it was on the record.
  • Percent Down: This will only appear here if it was on the record.
  • DNC Date: DNC is the date that Record Information Services last scrubbed the homeowner's phone number against the National Do-Not-Call List. We scrub our records twice monthly. You will only see a date here if there is a phone number on the record.
  • Do Not Call: If there is a phone number on the record, and the individual is on the Do Not Call List, then you will see a Y here for Yes.
  • X & Y: Identifies the latitude and longitude coordinates of the property.
  • Most Current Record: A Y or Yes indicates that this record is the most current record available for that property.
  • 80/20: 80/20 is a mortgage that is 100% financed. For example, the homeowner financed his down payment as well as his regular mortgage.
  • Census Tract: The census is conducted by the US Census Bureau every 10 years. It identifies certain geographic areas by census tract and census block. The census track reflects median numbers when it comes to age and income. It is a generalization about a specific area, not by any means an exact science or number.
  • Census Age and Income: When selecting an income range, those numbers will reflect a median household income, not an average of the census tract area. The median age is identified by using the census block as a benchmark, which does reflect a more accurate picture of a geographic area.
Pricing per Database Category
  • Data used internally only, all fields - $500 API setup fee per year, plus cost of actual data
  • Data used externally with membership access only on your site - custom quote
  • Data used externally to the general public, minus certain fields - custom quote
  • Data used externally to the general public, all fields - custom quote

Getting Started

Have a technical call Mr. Wiseman today at (708) 471-5192 to discuss your public record API needs.

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