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Let’s Grow Old Together
Posted on: November 2017
They’re dubbed active adult, retirement and 55-plus communities – attracting millions of homeowners and tenants who left the working world behind and jumped in their golf carts to revel in resort-style activities. Many of the residential sites are gated, showcase swimming pools... read more

Look Into the Future of Real Estate
Posted on: October 2017
Imagine the shape of the housing and commercial property industries in the next five to 10 years. There's no telling. It's the future, right? Actually, a field known as predictive analysis contends that researchers can map out a sketch of what's in the works. Predictive analysis uses... read more

Safety While Selling
Posted on: October 2017
The real estate business tends to be a solitary profession, enough so that agents can find themselves in potentially vulnerable settings. Associates meet one-on-one with clients, in some cases for the first time, at vacant houses. The get-togethers can be after dark, in secluded parts of town or... read more

Protection Against the Rising Waters
Posted on: September 2017
They're heart-wrenching images: Aerial scenes of cities and towns blanketed with water, families wading through waist high waves, motorists caught unawares of torrential rains filling once-dry gullies. More than that, floods aren't limited to the coast, bayous and massive rivers. They take... read more

Setting the Stage
Posted on: September 2017
Prospective homebuyers touring a vacant house, or residence shown “as is” with a lived-in appearance might find it hard to imagine how the property would look with their own stuff. That’s why sellers and agents often stage homes in an open and organized way to allow viewers... read more

Up On High
Posted on: September 2017
These ranch spreads, A-frames and traditional designs are up windy dirt roads, hidden in the woods or nestled among spectacular peak views for miles. Or they’re condos, townhomes or cliff-side properties in mile-up resorts or even city suburbs. Mountain homes have been around almost... read more

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Posted on: July 2017
Conventional real estate wisdom holds that the prime period in which to peruse for and purchase a home is the spring. But fresh research suggests that there’s an even sweeter spot on the calendar: the month of August. A new analysis by Zillow indicates there are more homes for sale near... read more

Overcoming Stressed-Out Shopper Syndrome
Posted on: July 2017
From sweating the down payment to fretting about interest rates creeping up to worrying about overpaying, homebuyers face a lot of fears today – particularly in a market where sellers seem to have all the leverage. But with the right help, an organized approach and a positive mindset, they... read more

Good Times, Bad Time
Posted on: June 2017
Higher home sale prices have many homeowners asking the age-old question: How much could my home fetch if I sold it today? While it’s exciting to speculate on answers to that query given the current seller’s market, it may not be the most important question to ponder. Instead, ask... read more

Avoid Commuter’s Remorse
Posted on: June 2017
Lest we forget the hard lessons learned from the cautionary tale told by suburban sprawl, long hauls to work and favorite destinations that are uncomfortably far to drive still make for an unhappy and regretful homeowner. Recent data by Redfin suggests that this sentiment is more relevant... read more

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