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What is the importance of the mailing leads list?

Many marketers spend a lot of time and money in the production of the mail piece itself and the actual mailing of the piece. You can have a great product and an attractive mail piece, but if you do not have the proper target market, all of your efforts have gone to waste. The mailing list is a key component in any direct marketing campaign. You should not compromise your marketing efforts by cutting corners on the purchase of your mailing lists.

Record Information Services goes the extra step of making sure the information found in our data is the best by compiling directly from the record the correct address and other important information. The rest is up to you to study your product or offer and determine your best target. Ask yourself:

  • Who would want or need to purchase my product?
  • Should I market to businesses or households?
  • How will my product benefit the consumer?
  • What is the best geographical market?
  • Can I market my product Citywide, Countywide or an entire region?
  • Do I need to narrow my geography to a more local area, such as my surrounding community?

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