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Can you give me a step by step guide to marketing lead lists?

1) Analyze your product and your present customer.

2) Understand who would benefit from your product or service.

3) Study your competitors and how they market the product. This will help you in understanding what types of mailing lists may be best for your target market.

4) Make sure you schedule ahead because a successful direct mail campaign takes time. Rushing can lead to mistakes and each step is very important.

5)Review your budget. Sample costs of direct mail can include:

  • Postage
  • Design of the mail piece
  • Print price for the mail piece
  • Purchase price for the mailing list
  • Processing price charged by the mail house
  • Order filling costs
6) Design the mail piece. The readability and the attractiveness of your mail piece are very important so that the consumer will open and read your offer.

7) Print the mail piece. Make sure you check with the post office before printing the mail piece to make certain that the mail piece meets all postal regulations.

8) Purchase the mailing list. This is as important as all other aspects of your campaign. Analyze your target consumer and pick the type of list that best suits you needs.

9) Determine delivery time by the Post Office. If you have time-sensitive materials, you must take delivery time in to consideration.

10) Analyze your results. You can measure the success of your direct mail campaign by tracking the responses and the number of new customers that are generated from your efforts. Remember, just a few new customers can more than cover the cost for the campaign. Evaluate what was successful and tailor your next mailing to meet those needed.

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