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Posted On: 12-08-16

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Posted On: 11-23-16

The Kane County Circuit Court will be installing a completely new computer system over the next two weeks. As a result, we will not be able to obtain any new public records for Foreclosures, Traffic, Criminal, Probate and Divorces. We will keep our customers fully informed as we get more information. In addition, we will extend our Kane county related subscribers subscriptions for one full month to accommodate this interruption in data access. We apologize for this and will do our very best to resume access as quickly as possible.

Posted On: 05-15-16

Record Information Services has launched additional Illinois API feeds for Incorporations and Business Licenses public records.

Posted On: 04-17-16

Record Information Services has launched additional Illinois API feeds for Probate, Divorces, Tax Sales, Liens, Building Code Violations and Bankruptcy public records.

Posted On: 02-27-16

On 2/27/16, Record Information Services has added 16 additional Mortgage and Real Estate counties; 94 additional Incorporation counties; we added the ability to automate scheduling of letter merges and envelope merges; we added multi-select option for Foreclosure sale status; we added the ability to see how many additional public records are tied to a specific public record address; we added Mortgage Assignments and Mortgage Releases as a new offering and we fixed some minor bugs.

Posted On: 01-07-16

Record Information Services has signed an agreement with to redo four of our web sites over the next year. The exciting part of what Social Fix does is delivering creative strategies, tactics and approaches that will help us expand our business more.

Posted On: 12-11-15

Effective 12/11/15, Record Information Services has added the ability to target Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Mortgage public records on your queries.

Posted On: 11-30-15

Effective 12/7/15, Record Information Services has updated our public records with an additional 1.8 million phone numbers and 1.1 million DOB records.

Posted On: 05-22-14

Record Information Services is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed Backend Website, with a bold new look and enhanced navigating experience. The new site has been in development for over two years, and will be available for clients now. Read more

Posted On: 04-08-14

Record Information Services launches Watch Illinois for Corporate accounts in order for those employers to be notified of your employee’s criminal activity and financial problems that occur outside the workplace, read more.

Posted On: 07-22-13

NEW: We have implemented a new link for Cook County property information on our Real Estate, Mortgage, and Foreclosure databases. Clients just click on the “Assessment Info” link while they are looking at a record in their search results, and it takes them to the Cook County Tax Portal site, which shows more information regarding current taxes and liens. Contact us for more info.

Posted On: 07-11-13

Congratulations to our CFO, Pam Banbury! Pam was featured as an honoree in the Business Ledger's 2013 CFO of the Year Award! She will be featured in a special supplement in the BL on August 19, 2013. Way to go, Pam! Read more here

Posted On: 05-10-13

NEW: As of May 8, 2013, we now have lists of Real Estate Transactions and Mortgages for the following Illinois counties: Knox, Vermillion, Sangamon, and Monroe. Contact a sales rep to take an online demo of any new database today at 630-557-1000.

Posted On: 05-01-13

NEW: As of April 12, 2013, we now have lists of Liens/Judgement recordings for Cook County. Contact a sales rep to take an online demo of our Judgements Database today at 630-557-1000, or click here.

Posted On: 10-25-12

Record Information Services is now on FACEBOOK! Please "Like" us now.

Posted On: 01-17-12

Mortgage Professionals: Get up-to-date on the latest changes to the HARP program (Home Affordable Refinance Program). Assist more homeowners and get new refinance business. Read more

Posted On: 11-10-11

NEW: Select Mortgage Leads that are not in foreclosure. Customers in the lending industry can now exclude from their lists those Mortgage Leads that are in foreclosure, allowing them to only focus on leads they can help, and saving money on printing and postage.

Posted On: 09-13-11

Find public records quickly with new Address Search feature. Now you can search for Illinois public records by address on our background check site, CheckIllinois. Type in the address, and our system will scan millions of Illinois real estate transactions, mortgages, and foreclosures, for matching public records. Quickly see if your mortgage was recorded correctly, or find out if that vacant house is in foreclosure.

Posted On: 09-01-11

  • Record Information Services has changed the time in which new records are uploaded onto the Website ( For all data that is uploaded weekly only, our subscribing customers can now retrieve new data at 5 pm on Saturdays instead of 1 pm.
  • Record Information is happy to announce that we have increased our server response time by 66% by investing in additional Web and SQL servers. Due to heavy use of our 18 Web sites, our customers have experienced occasional slowness and timeouts. These issues have been considerably eliminated by the new servers.
  • Due to newly launched real estate landing pages, Record Information Services has increased their presence in the search engines by over 3 million pages in the past few months.

Posted On: 07-07-11

Watch Illinois Update
New Notifications Added: WatchIllinois, our Website that notify customers to changes that occur in the public records of themselves or others, has added two new criterias that clients can now watch on Foreclosure Records.
1. Opening Bid: If the foreclosure is scheduled for auction, and it’s opening bid is changed, a new notification is sent to the client.
2. Bankruptcy: If the person files Bankruptcy, a new notification is sent to the client. Update
Saved Search Criteria: After doing a public records search, you can now view the criteria that you used for your search at the bottom of your screen. This should help save time by helping clients be certain that they got the exact results they were looking for.

Posted On: 05-05-11

Building Code Violation Lists now available
A new database of Building Code Violations for the City of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, was launched in April, 2011 on The database goes back to 2008. Building Code Violations are of interest to Architectural, Engineering, and Construction firms that specialize in remedying building code violations for commercial, residential, or industrial real estate. Find out more and request a demo of Building Violations.

Posted On: 04-18-11

Foreclosure Auctions: See the opening bid.
As of May, 2011, we are now listing the opening bid amount for foreclosure auctions in the following counties: Cook, Dekalb, Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will. The opening bid is not retrieved until the day of the sale, and can be changed on the day of the sale. To see the opening bid, search for past auctions (since May, 2011), and look in the OPENING BID AREA to see what the starting bid was. Request a foreclosure demo

Posted On: 04-08-11

Search for public records by address. Now you can search for Illinois public records by address through our new CASS address certification program. Simply type in the address, and our system will scan millions of Illinois real estate transactions, mortgages, and foreclosures, for matching public records. Quickly see if your mortgage was recorded correctly, or find out if your neighbor is in foreclosure. Check it out at Real Estate Illinois

Posted On: 03-24-11

Turn your Website into a Real Estate Portal, now you can integrate current, local Illinois real estate data into your existing Website with Record Information Services API Real Estate Network. Increase traffic to your site and compliment your current data by using Illinois foreclosure API, real estate API, tax sales API, liens API, and/or a mortgages API.

Posted On: 03-24-11

Take your background search mobile, now you can access over 16 million public records with the touch of a button, whether you are driving or out of the office. Search for people, businesses, or properties, with your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Save this url and try it out: CheckIllinois

Posted On: 03-24-11

Record Information Services has teamed up with the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing to provide an online service for quick background checks. This service is useful for attorneys, landlords, and renters alike. Simply type a name, and see felonies, evictions, foreclosures, and more. Check it out here

Posted On: 03-24-11

Need your Illinois Real Estate Parcel Number (PIN) to deduct your Real Estate taxes while filing your tax return? Check Illinois can provide this information to you by searching on your name and pulling your real estate and/or mortgage record for as little as $4.95.

Posted On: 04-13-10

Record Information Services has been beating the competition for years on data currency and data quality. Now we will meet or beat the competition on price! Show us any compariable competitor’s quote on a foreclosure subscription, and we will MEET or BEAT that price on the same length subscription. Call us today for details (630) 557-1000. Foreclosure subscriptions only.

Posted On: 12-04-09

NEW: Search for tax liens, foreclosures, and more, on MLS Listings. Record Information Services has partnered with Baird & Warner to create a new real estate Website that allows visitors to do quick background checks on current MLS Listings. The visitor can see tax liens, foreclosures, mortgage history, and more, on current homes for sale on the MLS. This is a great tool for homebuyers to get a quick snapshot of a property’s past and current public records, so they know what they are getting into before buying. Check it out here: Baird & Warner Real Estate.

Posted On: 09-19-09

LOWEST PRICES EVER ON BANNER ADVERTISING! Get your business noticed now! Record Information Services is having an online advertising sale from Sept 18th - Oct 18th. We are selling ALL our banner advertising spots on a first-come, first-serve basis, at ALL-TIME-LOW rates of only $1.00 per thousand views*. This is a great opportunity to have your business seen by investors, mortgage brokers, realtors, home buyers, home sellers, and more! Choose from four different Websites. Call Tiffany at 630.557.1000 for *details and to get your space reserved today.

Posted On: 07-28-09

NEW! Now included with your online foreclosure subscription is the ability to print out a ready-made report for you to take to foreclosure auctions with you. This report will list all upcoming auctions that you select, and lists important property information for you to review properties quickly and easily along with auctions. For our current subscribers: this report is called SALES SUMMARY PDF and is accessible simply by clicking that button after you select Sales Dates between any future date through +/- 15 days out as the range. ** Note our Foreclosure Report of Chicago (FROC) customers assisted in creating this exciting new feature!

Posted On: 07-21-09

Proud to launch our own Real Estate Property Transfer portal that specifically focuses on Real Estate transaction across 15 counties with currency of 1 week old all the way back to 1997 worth of transactions. Our site also includes up to date Illinois MLS listings by city to generate leads.

Posted On: 04-30-09

Record Information Services acquires Foreclosure Report of Chicago

Record Information Services Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of The Foreclosure Report of Chicago, of Barrington, Illinois. Foreclosure Report of Chicago has long been known for its popular weekly booklet of newly filed foreclosures, foreclosure sale results, and tax sales. Read more

Posted On: 04-14-09

Senate Bill 2513 passed affecting newly filed foreclosures:
We at Record Information Services want you to be aware of new legislation put into effect last week that affects the number of new foreclosures being filed in all Illinois counties.

Senate Bill 2513, also known as The Homeowner Protection Act, provides up to a 90-day grace period from foreclosure for delinquent homeowners who agree to seek housing counseling. Therefore, there will be less NEW foreclosures filed in all Illinois counties for an indefinite period of time.

Posted On: 04-09-09

Announcing the launch of new real estate website for viewing and sorting recent home sales in Chicagoland and beyond, Real Estate Illinois. Are you FSBO? A mortgage broker? A real estate professional? Use Real Estate Illinois to find comp homes for buying or selling a house. Select from 15 counties of data, with transactions going back from 1997 to one week in the past.

Posted On: 04-05-09

Proud to launch a Check Illinois coBrand with Crain's to create a self service method of doing background checks.

Posted On: 04-03-09

Most of the Illinois Foreclosure auctions that occur these days are going back to the lender, one of the biggest challenges is finding out where that lender is located especially with all the turmoil in the lending business. We are now tying our real estate data to the foreclosure data which will statically update the lender and the tax bill location. Once the property is sold from the lender to an individual, it will be updated again as a final process.

Record Information Services is the only Illinois data provider covering the foreclosure process from the beginning to end for our clients.

Posted On: 03-24-09

We have launched a new product called WatchIllinois which compliments Check Illinois.

Watch Illinois is a unique online tool which automatically alerts you when a change occurs in the public record of a person, property, or business of your choosing. Simply sign up for the criteria you want to "watch" , and we'll e-mail you weekly, letting you know if new public records are filed in the Illinois court system, based on your criteria.

Posted On: 01-09-09

NEW: Now you can do fast individual background checks on Properties and Businesses in Northern Illinois. See public records instantly on your screen, in 60 seconds or less.

Search by Pin Number for: Foreclosures and auctions, Tax Sales, Property transfers, Mortgages.

Search by Business Name for: Business Licenses, Foreclosures and auctions, Bankruptcies, Tax Sales and Liens, Property transfers, Mortgages.

TRY IT NOW Search by Pin Number
Search by Business Name

Posted On: 08-15-08

Attract highly focused readers to your printed or online projects! Have Record Information Services create custom public record stats for your next article, Web site, or other media project. Choose from Mortgage stats, Foreclosure stats, Divorce stats, and more, custom made to your needs. Find out more

Posted On: 08-15-08

Record Information Services now has lists of Forcible Detainers available for download. Forcible Detainers specifically deal with tenants in apartments, lack of payment of rent, and refusing to vacate the premises. These lists are excellent for property owners for helping with tenant screening. Detainers are available for Cook and seven collar counties: DeKalb, Dupage, Kane County, Kendall County, Lake, McHenry, and Will. Records date back to mid-2000. Read More -- Request a Demo of Detainers

Posted On: 05-20-08

NEW: Local Investor agrees to share Probate Investing Secrets! Record Information Services presents Quinn Niego on June 17, 2008, in Arllington Heights, IL. Join us at this FREE live event to learn how to make a fortune investing in Probate Properties. Quinn Niego will share his simple, effective, and highly profitable probate investing information. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a radically successful local investor! Learn more

Posted On: 02-28-08

Record Information Services has added an overlay of census data to our mortgages, deeds, foreclosures, bankruptcies and business licenses. The census is conducted by the US Census Bureau every 10 years. It identifies certain geographic areas by census tract and census block. The census track reflects median numbers when it comes to age and income. It is a generalization about a specific area, not by any means an exact science or number. When selecting an income range, those numbers will reflect a median household income, not an average of the census tract area. The median age is identified by using the census block as a benchmark which does reflect a more accurate picture of a geographic area.

Posted On: 10-09-07

NEW: Advertise your business or service on Advertise to a highly targeted audience including investors, bankers, realtors, insurance providers, and more. Monthly and contract rates are available. Please call or email Tiffany Binaté at (630) 557-1000, x234, for more information. You can view our Online Advertising Media Kit.

Posted On: 09-22-07

Proud to launch a Check Illinois coBrand with Chicagos premier Tenant Screening Services Metropolitan Tenant Information Services to create a self service method of doing background checks.

Posted On: 09-22-07

Proud to launch a joint venture with Sun Times, a Foreclosure Transaction portal that specifically focuses on Foreclosure transaction across 9 counties.

Posted On: 07-20-07

Proud to launch a joint venture with Chicago Tribune, a Real Estate Transaction portal that specifically focuses on Real Estate transaction across 15 counties with currency of 1 week old all the way back to 1997 worth of transactions.

Posted On: 03-18-07
One of Chicagoland’s premiere data gathering firms is finally making its vast Illinois public record databases available to the public. Check Illinois a subsidiary of Record Information Services, Inc., will allow private individuals to search for public records on their coworkers, friends, neighbors, or anyone else that you would want to background check.

Posted On: 02-27-07
We are proud to launch an additional 86 counties of Illinois Bankruptcy records. We now cover all Bankruptcy records filed in Illinois.

Posted On: 02-27-07
Record Information Services has launched a partnership with Adjuggler to deliver ads on all of our web sites. With over 1.5 million page views a month, this is a great opportunity for advertisers who wish to target businesses that leverage our data for marketing. Please call Tiffany Binaté at 630-557-1000, x 234 for special three-month introductory rates during our launch.

Posted On: 02-06-07
Proud to launch a joint venture with NBC5 TV, a city and county Foreclosure web site that specifically focuses on foreclosures that are going to auction on the specific day you view the site. Along with launching a Real Estate web site that specifically focuses on all Illinois Real Estate transactions search enabled for the consumer.

Posted On: 11-04-06
We are excited to announce expansion into Winnebago County for Divorces, Foreclosures and Probate data effective 11/6/06.

Posted On: 09-30-06
Proud to launch a joint venture with Northwest News Group a city and county Foreclosure web site that specifically focuses on foreclosures that are going to auction on the specific day you view the site. Along with launching a Real Estate web site that specifically focuses on all Illinois Real Estate transactions search enabled for the consumer.

Posted On: 09-02-06
Proud to launch with a joint venture with Chicago Tribune a city and county foreclosure web site that specifically focuses on foreclosures that are going to auction on the specific day you view the site.

Posted On: 07-30-06
On the site, we have added the ability in the Mortgage database to select records with Reverse Mortgages only. Also, in the Bankruptcies database has the ability to target bankrupt businesses only.

Posted On: 07-15-06
On the site Divorce subscribers can now select Plaintiff or Respondent when printing 5160 mailing labels. Mortgage and Real Estate subscribers can now select by Cook County Community in addition to zip code and city. The Mortgage databases now use a standardize lender list for faster data capture when targeting by specific lender.

We are also proud to launch with a joint venture with Daily Herald a city and county foreclosure web site that specifically focuses on foreclosures that are going to auction on the specific day you view the site.

Posted On: 02-19-06
On the site, we have added Ethnic Origin selection on the DUI, Criminal Felony, Criminal Misdemeanors and Suspended and Revoked License databases.

Posted On: 02-19-06
We are proud to launch city and county foreclosure web sites that specifically focus on foreclosures that are going to auction on the specific day you view the site. Counties such as and cities such as give todays foreclosures for FREE.

Posted On: 02-19-06
We are proud to launch our local city and county specific web sites for the Illinois area. Counties such as and cities such as give some brief history of public record transactions.

Posted On: 01-14-06
On the site, Kane Real Estate, Mortgages and Foreclosures now have assessor links tied to "most" of the records.

Posted On: 11-19-05
Cook Foreclosures now has the ability to be queried by the 77 Chicago communities.

Posted On: 11-16-05

Library partners now have the ability to purchase "customized database sets" based on their patrons desires. Library partners should contact Jeff Metcalf at 630/557-1000 to discuss this newly created option.

Posted On: 11-16-05
In partnership with Socrates, brings you time and money-saving DIY forms, kits and software. Whether you are selling a home, renting property, starting a business or creating a will, legal forms are crucial to managing your real estate, business and personal matters. Take control of your legal issues with Socrates.

Posted On: 10-22-05
Record Information Services is proud to announce that we are going with daily uploads of Cook County Foreclosures and auctions the week of 10/31/2005. Customers will be able to go into the database for example on Tuesday morning and download all the cases that were filed Monday. Also we now have real time sale updates. If an auction has been changed either by a day or a week those updates will be available.

Current customers using a Monday to Monday date range to download the most current files, as of October 31st, 2005 you will use the previous days date to download the previous days cases filed. We hope this will further give our customers more advantages when it comes to the currency with the data. The collar counties will remain weekly updates for now.

Posted On: 09-18-05 has gone through a major redesign adding many new features along with additional counties in bankruptcies (Boone, Dekalb, LaSalle, Lee and Ogle) and additional counties in new home owners (Dekalb, Madison, Peoria, Rock Island, Tazewell and Winnebago).

Posted On: 08-21-05 now has DUIs, Suspended Revoked Licenses, Criminal Felony & Misdemeanors for Dekalb, Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will Illinois counties are available online now.

Posted On: 08-06-05 site now has Mortgages and Real Estate for Champaign, St Clair, Tazewell, Madison, Winnebago, Peoria and Rock Island counties available online.

Posted On: 07-23-05
Bankruptcies for Boone, Lasalle, Lee and Ogle counties are available online.

Posted On: 07-23-05 site now has DeKalb Business Licenses available online.

Posted On: 06-27-05
Cook, Dupage, Lake and Will County foreclosure data now has direct links to Assessment information. Coming soon and Kane and Kendall!

Posted On: 06-27-05
Foreclosures now has the ability to show comparison real estate prices for property on that same street along with indicating if the person who is in foreclosure has filed for bankruptcy

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