Refer-A-Friend Program

Had a great experience with Record Information Services or our marketing lists?
We'd love for you to share your story with a friend or colleague who may use our services
If they wind up purchasing a database, you'll receive a $25 bonus from us!*

How do I refer-a-friend?

  1. Suggest to a friend that they schedule a free website demonstration with Record Information Services, to learn about public record databases which can help their business grow.

  2. Give the name, and email or phone number (best contact method) to your Record Information Services' sales rep to follow up with and schedule a convenient time for a demo.

  3. If your friend decides to purchase any of our public record databases online for a year, then we will send you one, $25.00 Prepaid Mastercard from Old Second Bank, for each buying individual that you refer to us.

It's that simple!
Have someone you want us to contact now?
Let us know here
or call (630) 557-1000 today.

Thank you for spreading the word about!

* Promotion Rules
Referring individual must be a paying customer or a past customer of Record Information Services verifiable in our accounting system. The individual you refer must be a new, full-paying customer and cannot have previously subscribed to any database. The individual you refer must mention your name as the referrer at the time of ordering and paying, or prior to ordering and paying. You will not be eligible to receive the gift card if you are not named until later. Your account must be in good standing with Record Information Services to be eligible for this promotion. The gift card recipient understands that Record Information Services will not exchange or replace the $25 Mastercard gift card for cash, any other type of card, or any other type of credit, payment, reward, or compensation. The gift card recipient understands that Mastercard does not assign the recipient as the only authorized user of the card, therefore it may be possible for others to use their card if lost or stolen. The gift card recipient understands that the card may only be used at places that accept Mastercard gift cards, which may not include many online sources which do not accept gift cards do to security purposes. Lost or stolen gift cards are not eligible for replacement by Record Information Service. The gift card recipient understands that the card may not be refilled or reused after the monies assigned to the card are spent. The gift card recipient understands that their card has an expiration date on it, and Record Information Services is not responsible for them to redeem the value of their card by the expiration date. The gift card recipient obtains all responsibilities regarding the possession and the use of the card, and all legal matters relating to the card, and agrees to not hold Record Information Services accountable for any fraudulent or illegal activities relating to the use of the card. This offer may be changed or ended at any time without notice.

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