Foreclosure Auction Results for 2010

Posted On: January 2011

In Cook County, Illinois, over 27,500 foreclosure auctions were scheduled for an auction sale date between the months of January 2010 and December 2010.

As of January 1, 2011, the results of those foreclosure auctions include the following:

  • 34% of foreclosures cancelled prior to the sale date
  • 4% of foreclosures sold prior to the sale
  • 62% of foreclosures went to auction

Of the properties that went to foreclosure auction (62%):

  • 4% sold to a third party at the foreclosure auction
  • 85% are currently REO bank-owned
  • 11% have already become REO bank-owned and have since been resold by the lender

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Editor: Tiffany Brewington
Illinois Licensed Realtor

Posted On: January 2011

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