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Posted On: April 2014

Be notified of your employee’s criminal activity and financial problems that occur outside the workplace.
100% Legal and Confidential
Timely and Accurate Public Record Data

Many companies nowadays perform employee monitoring at the workstation, but that does not alert them to outside activities which could directly affect job function, employee actions, and fellow employee safety.

Watch Illinois is a discreet online service that sends you weekly email alerts of new public records filed on the individuals you choose to monitor. Upon setup of each new employee, you receive all past public records in our system, and new ones are delivered as they are recorded.

Imagine this:

• Find out if an employee who drives a company-owned vehicle receives a DUI, or has their license suspended or revoked.
• Discover if an employee has recently been arrested for drug possession or domestic battery. This could create absenteeism and loss of productivity at work, or even create danger or police involvement at the workplace.
• Find out if an employee who is entrusted with company funds has financial difficulties at home, such as a tax lien, eviction, foreclosure, or a bankruptcy filing.
• Be notified if an employee who works with children is arrested for child pornography, obscenity, battery, or other misdemeanors and felonies.
• Be alerted if any employees purchase a new home in a specific area, which may conflict with you organization’s residency requirements.
• Discover if an employee has gotten divorced, which could affect the cost of your company’s insurance policies.

Whether you are a bank, insurance firm, logistics company, municipality, or school district, you can benefit from the Watch Illinois Public Record Monitoring System.

Watch Illinois scans for items that area already available to anyone via public records, so no permission is required to be given to employees. Public records scanned include: DUI ARRESTS, MISDEMEANOR ARRESTS, FELONY ARRESTS, SUSPENDED AND REVOKED LICENSES, APARTMENT EVICTIONS, BANKRUPTCIES, LIENS AND JUDGEMENTS, PROPERTY TAX LIENS, STATE AND FERDERAL TAX LIENS, FORECLOSURES, REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS, MORTGAGES FILED, DIVORCES FILED, NEW BUSINESS LICENSES, AND MUCH MORE. We manually compile this data from over 16 Illinois counties.

Background checks don’t have to end with the job interview. Employers nowadays have a legitimate and financial interest in keeping track of how their employees spend their free time. Don’t put your company’s reputation, assets, and employee safety at stake. Be proactive and start monitoring today.

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About Record Information Services:

We have been locally owned and operated in Elburn, IL for over 21 years. We compile over 17 different databases on an ongoing basis with historical data that averages over 10 years. Major past and current clients include the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Sun Times, Experian, many municipalities, and over 100 Chicagoland public libraries.

Posted On: April 2014

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