Local Public Records Company Launches Website for People

Posted On: May 2009

Editor: Tiffany Binate

One of Chicagoland’s premiere data gathering firms is finally making its vast Illinois public record databases available to the public. Check Illinois (http://consumer.public-record.com), a subsidiary of Record Information Services, Inc., will allow private individuals to search for public records on their coworkers, friends, neighbors, or anyone else that you would want to background check.

While background checks are a staple in applicant screening processes at businesses, they can also provide private individuals with powerful insight into the activities of others. For example, families who need a hire a nanny, men and women who are on the dating scene, or somebody with an odd neighbor may all consider doing background checks for their own personal safety.

Record Information Services has been providing public record information to businesses for over 16 years through their high-tech searchable website, http://www.public-record.com. Their decision to design a website specifically for consumers is due to the numerous requests they receive from private parties who want to do single searches on people. CEO and founder Jeff Metcalf explains, "We get daily requests from individuals who just want to look up a single name to see their public record. A mother might call who wants to track down a father for child support, people would call to find relatives, or a parent might call to see if their son got a DUI. We knew there was a huge demand from consumers and we planned on creating a program for them, we just wanted to do it the right way."

The consumer website, http://consumer.public-record.com, is set up in a simple, easy-to-use fashion so people can quickly get online, perform a free initial search, and purchase their desired records quickly and affordably. The only information visitors need is the last name of the person they are seeking records on, which you can then sort by city if needed due to the vast number of duplicate last names. Public records databases such as DUIs, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Mortgages, and more can be viewed through the site. Record Information Services obtains this data from eight Chicagoland government sources, and the date history of each database is listed on the site.

"It is important to remember that public records only constitute a file or arrest, and DO NOT constitute an actual conviction" says Tiffany Binaté, marketing director for Record Information Services. "People who search the site would need to look into further court documentation to see the outcome of any criminal arrests, as this site is designed for informational purposes only."

To check out the site and do a free initial search on anyone with Chicagoland public records, visit http://consumer.public-record.com. Record Information Services is located in Kaneville, IL. More information can be obtained by e-mailing info@public-record.com. There are additional plans in the works to expand search capability to Business as well as additional consumer options.

Posted On: May 2009

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