Background Check Service finds Chicago Tribune audience

Posted On: August 2008
Editor Tiffany Binate
Record Information Services (RIS) has formed a partnership with the Chicago Tribune to allow their online visitors to tap into their public record databases, and do fast backgrounds checks on anyone in Northern Illinois. Check Illinois, a sister company of Record Information Services, was designed for these types of single name searches.
Newspapers (and the Chicago Tribune in particular) are a key fit for this type of information, being that many people read the police reports in newspapers on a daily basis out of curiosity. People read their local paper to see who got arrested, who sold their house, or who has passed away; says Tiffany Binate, Marketing Director for Record Information Services. There’s also a large audience for people that want to locate someone, or see past records on an individual, and Check Illinois lets you do exactly that.
Visitors to the Check Illinois page on the Chicago Tribune’s site need only type in a first and last name of a person to pull up to 14 different types of public records, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, mortgages, DUIs, divorces, and more. Results are shown on your screen in as little as 60 seconds, and will tell you if the person has that particular type of record or not. It can give the information seeker a fast heads-up regarding a person’s character, finances, past run-ins with the law, or it can be great for investigating dates, neighbors, or clients.
Record Information Services has been providing real estate data to the Chicago Tribune for over 10 years. This includes the Market Pulse Real Estate statistics on their site, the Latest Sales Section, and the 2-day Foreclosure Auction Schedule. Over the years there has become a large interest from private individuals who wanted to do quick, affordable background checks. Thus Check Illinois was launched in spring 2007 to cater to everyone’s single search needs.
For the average person to access public records, they’d have to drive to their local recorder’s office, wait in line for computer access, and spend a lot of time looking up records; says RIS founder Jeffrey Metcalf. Most people aren’t going to go through that work to see if their odd neighbor is an ex-felon. But, if you could find out from the comfort of your home, and for a very affordable price, you’d find yourself much nosier than usual. We do the work for you, which helps people see red flags they would have otherwise been unaware of.;
To visit Check Illinois and do a free initial search on anyone with Chicago land public records, visit Record Information Services is located in Kaneville, IL.

Posted On: August 2008

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