Use telemarketing to get the job done

Posted On: January 2011

Despite the Do-Not-Call rules, telemarketing is still one of the most effective ways for independent professionals to generate leads.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use telemarketing in your sales approach:

  1. Cheaper than mailing
  2. Reach prospects quicker than mail or other forms of medium = reach your prospect before your competitor
  3. Gets right to the point = Qualify leads faster
  4. There are still plenty of leads that are NOT on the Do-Not-Call List!

Don't get me wrong, telemarketing is not for the weak-of-heart.

Here are 4 steps to prepare for your actual calls:

  1. Google your client. Duh! Of course you will Google them. Find out as much as you can on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social sites. Write a list of probing questions and things to discuss with them.
  2. Plan your objective for the call. Remember, that you are calling to sell them on the idea of MORE INFORMATION. You will most likely not be closing a sale that day. You need the prospect to agree to hear more, or schedule a demonstration. Thinking of the sales call in this way relieves a lot of the pressure and nervousness on the sales rep's end, and on the prospect's end as well!
  3. Write yourself a solid script. Start with the "WIIFM" (what's in it for me?), or, how will they benefit from your services? Next, move to how exactly you will help them. Finally, move to the offer and incentive (no-obligation, discount if buy by this day, etc.).
  4. Write a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Address objections before they come up. I include objections right into my spiel, and use analogies of how other clients had those same objections.

The next step is perhaps the most important step of telemarketing.

Create a timeline for calling:

  1. Be realistic about the times you are available to call, and the times your prospect will be available to speak.
  2. Make a plan and put it in writing.
  3. Follow through, tweak as necessary, and keep at it!

Don't give up! It may take 10 calls just to get someone on the phone. Of every 10 times you get someone on the phone, maybe 1 or 2 may want more information. Of those 2, one might buy. But hey, you did all the hard work yourself, instead of hoping/waiting for someone to contact you by your postcard! Pat yourself on the back.

If you are a small business looking for sales and marketing advice, feel free to email Tiffany Brewington here.

Editor: Tiffany Brewington
Illinois Licensed Realtor

Posted On: January 2011

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