Avoid 'Shoulder Surfing' this holiday season

Posted On: December 2011


Editor: Tiffany Brewington

Here we are again: the Holidays are upon us and everyone is out running with the herd shopping. As always, you need to be EXTRA careful protecting your personal information this time of year. Besides keeping an eye on your purses and bags, you need to be careful at the checkout, because as funny as it sounds, that is the most common place of Identity Theft or Fraud.

As you are standing in line to pay at the grocery store, gas station or other business, that person next to you that appears to be on the phone could actually be making a video of your transaction. Most people don’t know that as you swipe your card at the machine, your complete credit card number is exposed, giving away this information to anyone who is closely watching. Your pin number can be viewed as well. Once someone gets this information, they can be out using your information and making purchases without you being aware that anything is wrong. This is called "Shoulder Surfing", so be aware of who is around you, and always put your hand over the machine to block your credit or debit card number from view. Remember, cell phone cameras are everywhere nowadays. Just be extra careful with your information, and be aware of your surroundings (who is close to you), and you will not have any problems while you are out shopping trying to stimulate the economy.

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Posted On: December 2011

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