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Sample Record

We research and compile daily listings of newly filed defaulted properties. These are called Newly Filed Foreclosures, which are properties that are just going into foreclosure. Our foreclosure records are the most accurate and timely way to retrieve this information. We actually go into each respective circuit court to pull the files and retrieve all pertinent information to save you the time, effort, and cost. This information includes: all residential, commercial, multi-family, industrial, and vacant properties that are available.

Data Entered: 06/24/07
Foreclosures Sample Record
Case Number: No Document Number: 04/24/2004
Pin Number: Type of Sale:
Recording Date Forecloser: 99CH0697 County: Newly Filed Foreclosure
Property Type: NorthWind Ltd. Company Name: 630-555-2344
Real Estate Auction: Dupage Place of Sale: Single Family Residence
Company Phone Number: Capstead, Incorporated Date of Sale: Zorrilla, Stocks, and Wiseman Assoc.
Time of Sale: Plantiff:
Plantiff Law Firm: Plantiff Law Firm Address:
Plantiff Law Firm City: Plantiff Law Firm State: James
Plantiff Law Firm Zip Code: Phillips Plantiff Law Firm Phone Number: 620 Radnor Drive
Bankruptcy: Roselle Defendant First Name: IL
Defendant Last Name: 60172 Defendant First Name #2: 630-555-4256
Defendant Last Name #2: 08/25/2004 Defendant Address: 500040
Defendant City: 02-09-121-029 Defendant State:
Defendant Zip Code: Defendant Phone Number:
Do Not Call: DNC Date: 55000
Lienholder 1: 04/24/2004 Lienholder 2: Conventional
Lienholder 3: 30 Lienholder 4: 6.7
Complaint/Judgement Amount: R94-113097 Original Mortgage Amount: 10.62
Original Mortgage Date: 0196 Type of Mortgage:
Term of Mortgage: Interest Rate:
Perdiem Rate: N Date of Calculation:
Notes: Sold Amount:
Sold To: Sale Results:
Census_Tract: Original Sale Date:
Race: Census Age:
Census Avg Income: Zip Web:
X: Y:
Open Bid:

Disclaimer: This information is for formatting purposes only. Does not in anyway represent our complete public record databases.

We offer current and concise foreclosure reports daily.

The following counties are all included: Cook, DeKalb, Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Will and Winnebago.

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