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New Business Licenses and Incorporations

These lists are of interest to anyone who wants to reach new start-up companies before any of their competitors do. Unlike existing lists of businesses, these companies include those who have filed a business license or articles of incorporation, and are working out of their homes, or an office complex or building. They range from consulting firms, to trucking companies, to construction companies.

Business Licenses and Incorporations are two separate public records filings. When you purchase our Business Database, you get access to our separate database of Incorporations (for the same County), at no additional charge.

  • In most cases, Record Information Services is able to provide the company name, contact name, and address.
  • In many cases Record Information Services can provide a telephone number.
  • We offer current information as well as archived data that can also be useful to target for direct mail purposes.
  • This information is available with or without phone numbers.
  • The real difference between other data companies and Record Information Services that a minimum records purchase is not required.
We compile these Illinois Business Licenses for the following counties:
  • Cook County Illinois Incorporations
  • DeKalb County Illinois Incorporations
  • Dupage County Illinois Incorporations
  • Kane County Illinois Incorporations
  • Kendall County Illinois Incorporations
  • Lake County Illinois Incorporations
  • McHenry County Illinois Incorporations
  • Will County Illinois Incorporations

This data is available via our web site or in a customized format. Record Information Services can provide this information in any format that you may require.

Please view our public record sample pages as well as our product-pricing menu for all options. If you have a request that you do not see as an option please feel free to Contact Us.

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