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Newly Filed Divorces

Sample Record

We research and compile newly filed Divorce cases from Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties in Illinois. We offer this report on a weekly basis. This sample is for formatting purposes only and does not represent our complete public record databases.

Data Entered: 06/24/07
Divorces Sample Record
Date Filed: Sean Case Number: Smith
Marriage Date: 1407 Petitioner First Name: Austin Ave
Petitioner Last Name: Chicago Petitioner Street Number: IL
Petitioner Street Name: 60616 Petitioner Unit Number: 105
Petitioner City: Betty Petitioner State: Smith
Petitioner Zip: 1407 Petitioner Phone Number: Austin Ave.
Do Not Call Petitioner: 106 Respondent First Name: Chicago
Respondent Last Name: IL Respondent Street Number: 60616
Respondent Street Name: 234-555-2354 Respondent Unit Number: Cowell, Zorrilla, and Stocks Assoc.
Respondent City: 567-555-2344 Respondent State: 456-555-1174
Respondent Zip: Y Respondent Phone Number: 06/21/2004
Do Not Call Respondent: Yes DNC Date: Wes
Property Involved: Cowell Petitioner Law Firm: Cook
Attorney Phone Number: 515-798-3454 Attorney First Name: 01/05/11
Attorney Last Name: FG43345 County: 35
Census Age: 04/05/87

Disclaimer: This information is for formatting purposes only. Does not in anyway represent our complete public record databases.