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DUI Arrests - Driving Under The Influence

Testimonials and Reviews

"I have been using Record information services for years. Their computerized informational delivery system is second to none. The data not only comes in an extremely timely fashion, but is formatted in a method that allows my assistants to easily manage and disseminate it to our potential clients. Their staff and management have worked hard to create excellent customer service, and are always available, via phone or email, to discuss any issues or assist business owners with maximizing their product. Highly recommended. The best cost to return assets I have."

Michael Wiehle
The Law Offices of Michael Wiehle

"I am very glad I went with Record Information Services for my data needs. I subscribe to the DUI lists and it has paid for itself more than a few times over. I plan to continue with RIS!"

Dick Ordlock
Tricon Counseling Centers Inc.
Carol Stream, IL.

"My Boss, the smart man he is has taken the BARBS CHALLENGE.... and its the best!!! The 1st week we got hits.... her DUI list is on point, and and the service is impeccible! We are in like Flynn (Earl Flynn):) And I thank Barb for her patience and her loving kindness with her clients.... Im tellin ya..... you cannot go wrong with her service!"

Harris Law Firm
Chicago, IL.