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Felony Arrests

We research and compile Felony information on a daily basis, and new information is available for our clients on a weekly basis.

Felony public records can be selected by: Date of Offense, Address, Last Name, and more. These lists can be an effective direct mail tool for attorneys, counseling centers, the insurance industry, and more.

The Felonies in this database are Felony public record arrests only, and DO NOT NECESSARILY constitutes a conviction against the named individual.

We compile Illinois Felonies for the following counties:

  • Cook County Illinois Felony
  • DeKalb County Illinois Felony
  • Dupage County Illinois Felony
  • Kane County Illinois Felony
  • Kendall County Illinois Felony
  • Lake County Illinois Felony
  • McHenry County Illinois Felony
  • Will County Illinois Felony
  • Winnebago County Illinois Felony

This database can not be used for background checks but for direct solicitation only.

Please view our public record sample pages as well as our product-pricing menu for all options. If you have a request that you do not see as an option please feel free to Contact Us.

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