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New And Previously Recorded Mortgages

Sample Record

We research and compile all New Mortgage or New Homeowner data for Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties in Illinois. We offer a variety of information on each mortgage. This information includes: Lender, Purchase Amount, Interest Rate, Fixed or Variable, Loan Type, and with Phones or without Phones.

This information is for formatting purposes only. It does not in anyway represent our complete public record databases.

Data Entered: 06/24/07
Mortgage Sample Record
Date of Record: 06/02/2004 Document Number: 0709101004
Parcel Number: 30W 625 FirstName #1: Fairway
LastName #1: FirstName #2: Naperville
LastName #2: IL Street Number #1: 60563
Street Name #1: 000100010 Apartment Unit #1: Barton
City #1: James State #1: Barton
Zip Code #1: Linda Telephone: 116375
Do Not Call: 30 DNC Date: 5.6
Mortgage Amount: Conv Term of Mortgage: Washington Mutual
Interest Rate: 23 Mortgage Type: 2
BankName: 06/04/2004 CityBlock: 00010001
CityLot: 06/15/2004 MortgageDate: Conv
LenderNameCode: MortgageDueDate: FNMA
MortgageType: NA RateType: Section
Zip Web: Township SubDivision: Range
Section: Meridian Township: Telephone
Range: John Meridian: Barton
Beneficiary First Name: 1407 Auston Ave Beneficiary Last Name: Naperville
Beneficiary Address: IL Beneficiary City: 60563
Beneficiary State: 132127 Beneficiary Zip Code: House
Purchase Price: 124-555-1958 Property Type: Other
Beneficiary Phone: 00010001 Race: LTV
Byr ID Code: 12375 LTV: 1321
Down Payment: Y Percent Down: 08//05/2004
Census_Tract: Census_Tract Census_Block: Census_Block
X: 43.5 Y: 42.6
Most Current Rec: Most Current Rec Non Conf Lend: Non Conf Lend

Disclaimer: This information is for formatting purposes only. Does not in anyway represent our complete public record databases.