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Newly Filed Probate Cases

Who uses mailing lists of Illinois Probate Leads?

  • Realtors and Real Estate Brokers use Illinois Probate Leads in order to assist the homeowner by listing their house for sale, or for short sale, so the heirs to the estate may liquidate the property.

  • Real Estate Investors use Illinois Probate Leads in order to purchase the property from the homeowner, if the homeowner decides to sell their home, and possibly rehab and flip the home for a profit.

  • Interested parties will typically send a letter to the executor/executrix, or personal representative, spouse, or heirs, explaining their interest in the property.

What criteria can I use to search for Illinois Probate Leads?

  • Input Date of Record
  • Illinois Probate Case Number
  • Illinois Probate Cases with Property Only
  • Illinois Probate Property Value
  • Illinois Probate Deceased Last Name
  • Illinois Probate Trustee Last Name (Personal Representative)
  • Illinois Probate Deceased City
  • Illinois Probate Phone Numbers Only
  • Illinois Probate Do-Not-Call Leads Only or Excluded
  • Census Age