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Newly Filed And Previously Filed State And Federal Tax Liens

Who uses mailing lists of Illinois Tax Lien Leads?

  • Mortgage Companies, Private Investing Firms, and other lending institutions use Illinois Tax Lien Leads so they may solicit the homeowner for refinancing options to pay the back taxes.

  • Financial planners target Illinois Tax Lien Leads for giving advice to those in financial trouble.

  • Debt consolidation and credit companies target Illinois Tax Lien Leads for helping those in financial trouble.

  • Real estate investors use Illinois Tax Lien Leads for purchasing the tax lien certificates from the county and obtaining a lien against the property. The lien acquires interest, and if the property owner does not pay back their taxes plus interest by the state-defined time limit, then the tax lien purchaser has the right to file for possession of the property.

What criteria can I use to search for Illinois Tax Liens?

  • Input Date of Record
  • Type of Illinois Tax Lien
  • Classification of Illinois Tax Lien (941 or 1040)
  • Illinois Tax Lien Phone Numbers Only
  • Illinois Tax Lien City
  • Illinois Tax Lien Zip Code
  • Do-Not-Call Leads Only or Excluded
  • Census Age
  • Illinois Tax Lien Amount of Lien
  • Illinois Tax Lien Company Name
  • Illinois Tax Lien Last Name