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Tax Sales For Property Coming Up For Redemption

Sample Record

Tax Sale Lists Before Redemption Period are: Properties that have been sold for taxes usually go through a redemption period. People who have purchased properties at auction must wait for a two-year period before they can file for a deed for the property. We provide a weekly list of Tax Sales For Property that are coming up for redemption. We offer both property address and mail to address on the records.

Data Entered: 06/24/07
Tax Sales Sample Record
Parcel Number: 06/24/04 Deed_Number: 06/24/04
Redemption Exp Date: Mark Respondent First Name 1: Smith
Respondent Last Name 1: John Respondent First Name 2: Paul
Respondent Last Name 2: 1407 Austin Ave. Property Address: Evanston
Property City: IL Property State: 60202
Property Zip: 140,000 Property Type: 2004
Tax Year Owed: Home County FIPS:
Date of Sale: Y Lien Amount: 05/12/2004
MLS Listing: Y Mail To First Name: 05/12/2004
Mail To Last Name: Mail To Address: Mark
Mail To City: Smith Mail To State: Current
Mail To Zip: Mail To Phone:
Do Not Call:

Disclaimer: This information is for formatting purposes only. Does not in anyway represent our complete public record databases.