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Record Information Services publishes a weekly newsletter containing vital information to our clients across numerous professions, such as bankers, insurance agents and attorneys. Since it's critical that you are able to stay one step a head of events that could affect your business and the individuals that you hope to serve around the country, Record Information Services Weekly Newsletter is an important tool available for your use.

Let Record Information Services do all the time-consuming and costly research for you! All it takes is one sound credit decision and you will gain the advantage of:

  • Saving your company thousands of dollars every year

  • Gaining early alerts to potential problems with existing or new customers

  • Providing an edge over your competition

  • Having access to an excellent tool for generating new business leads

Your weekly Record Information Services Newsletter is a powerful one-stop source for the most current and concise information available in your marketing area. We publish the following weekly newsletters:

DeKalb Records
Du Page Records
Kane Records
Kendall Records
Lake Records
Mchenry Records
Will Records

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