About Our Competition

Like many small businesses Record Information Services, Inc. has it's share of competition in the market place. However, we like to think there are three main strength that our organization can offer over our competition.

  1. Customer Service: This is the hallmark of our philospohy. We work very hard to make our customers happy. If you review some of our customer testimonials we think that you will agree.

  2. We are a data compiler: Because we compile our own data that sets us apart from our competition. We maintain full control over our data's quality and currency. Many of our competitors are not compilers.

  3. State of the art technology. We pride ourselves on offering the most state of the art technology to our customers. Our data delivery process thru our web site is second to none in features and ease of use. In addition to providing the data we also offer unique and cutting edge marketing tools such as the ability to print labels or even be able to do a mail letter right on line. We pride ourselves on being able to offer quality marketing support tools as well as quality data.