Do Not Call Registry

Record Information Services, Inc. displayed strong leadership in this market by making sure all that our data was totally "Do Not Call Compliant". We take great care in making sure that all of our historical data as well as data going forward is compliant. Our web site actually allows you to either "select" or "de-select" the Dnc phones so that you can clearly distinguish what you would direct mail versus call.

The current requirement states that lists need to be updated monthly. We have always updated ours on a bi-weekly basis to be ahead of the curve. On January 1st 2005 the new rules call for companies to update monthly. As of that date we will update every two weeks to continue to make sure that we protect our customers. For more information on this subject please call your Sales Representative or call us at 630-557-1000.or email us at for more information on the DNC Registry go to