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Mr. Metcalf / CEO & Founder

Mr. MetcalfMr. Metcalf is the Founder and CEO of Record Information Services, Inc. The company was started in 1993. Mr. Metcalf brings over 25 years experience in business to business publishing, sales and marketing. Record Information Services, Inc. has grown dramatically under Mr. Metcalf leadership. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse in May 1983 with a degree in Mass Communications. He is a member of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Elburn Chamber of Commerce. In his spare time he enjoys being on his boat and fishing.

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Mr. Johnson / Chief Privacy Officer

Mr. Johnson is the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) at Record Information Services. As part of the Executive Leadership Team, Mr. Johnson is the chief consumer advocate for the company with responsibility for the data systems that power Record Information Services products. Mr. Johnson has lead departments on privacy, cryptography, and security issues ranging from public to the private sector. Prior to Record Information Services, Mr. Johnson served as CPO at an Internet company giving consumers control of their online identity and reputation.

Mr. Wiseman / CTO & Online Strategic Advisor

Mr. WisemanMr. Wiseman is the architect and builder of a state of the industry IT center for Record Information Services. He is responsible for design, development and optimization of the web sites that has grown to over 55 million pages index with Google during his tenure. Mr. Wiseman's strategic focus on enterprise software and e-commerce is making Record Information Services a showcase for contemporary technology companies.

Mr. Wiseman has worked at such companies as Matria Healthcare, Interest.com, Tetra Pak, uBid.com, Whittman-Hart, First Chicago, PSAV.com, GE/Signature Group and Chicago Tribune.

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Ms. Banbury / CFO

Ms. Banbury Ms. Banbury has lived in Illinois all her life. She attended college at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 3 years. There she switched majors from education to business and decided to finish up her degree at Waubonsee Community College. She graduated with honors in May of 1985 with an Associates degree in Applied Sciences.

While still in college she began working for a lawyer in Batavia who owned a manufacturing company. She worked for 10 years as an assistant for the lawyer and did both legal and accounting work for both the law office and manufacturing company.

Ms. Banbury started working for Record Information Services part time in April of 1997 and has grown with the company ever since that date. Ms. Banbury feels that she is, in fact, very lucky to have found such a state of the art company that operates as professionally as a large corporation but still strives to keep a close, friendly relationship with not only its employees but the clients as well.

Ms. Maier / Director of Data Management

Ms. Maier Ms. Maier is responsible for the data entry staff located on site and throughout the country and is the lead for all database design and functionality. She works closely with our IT department creating solutions that improve productivity, integrity of the data, and new innovative ideas.

Before joining the Record Information Services team in 2002, Ms. Maier worked with companies such as Monsanto, Pioneer, Harris Bank, and Farmers Commodities Corp providing business analysis and feasibility studies. She brings to Record Information Services her knowledge and experience in geographically mapping of data, database development, problem solving, and programming.

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Mr. Stocks / Senior Internet Architect

Mr. Stocks is the Senior Internet Architect for Record Information Services, he oversees all internet development for Record Information Services. He has over fifteen years of experience in the IT field, working at large corporations such as Sprint and Crate and Barrel; as well as small consulting firms and dot-coms. He provides technical support, web development, database development, and support of DNS. He has been working with Record Information Services since late 2004. In that time he has updated there core site structure, plus created an environment that will grow with the company.

Cinnamon / Office Mascot

Cinnamon Wiseman Cinnamon, a male golden retriever, was introduced to the office in September 2008 after being found abandoned at one of our employees houses when he was 2 months old. He comes to work 3 days a week ever since then and keeps the employees smiling when he greets you and all the vendors at the door.