Help/ Frequently Ask Questions

What is the importance of the mailing leads list?

How can a direct marketing campaign help my business?

Can you give me a step by step guide to marketing lead lists?

How do I narrow my search for a leads list that meets my needs?

Will all of my mail pieces be delivered?

When should I do my mailing?

How often should I repeat my mailing?

Should I follow up with a phone call?

What is the response rate for mailing lists?

Why do you have so many different lists?

What should I expect from your lists?

How are your databases compiled?

How accurate are your leads lists and databases?

How often are your lists updated?

How can I pay for my list?

What formats are available?

What are the conditions and restrictions of usage?

How can I contact you if I need help?

Is your site secure?

Does Record Information Services protect my privacy?

Can I search for owner-financed leads?

Can I search for commercial and new construction leads?

Am I able to select leads based on property type?

Can I search for leads with specific mortgage amounts?

Percentage of leads with interest rates recorded - how this feature limits leads generated?

Do you provide loan-to-value information?

How far back do your leads lists go?

Do the leads have phone numbers? What about National Do Not Call List issues?

Foreclosure process and the difference between foreclosures, lis pendens and judgments?

What are real estate transactions?

What if I don't see my question on this list?