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How Last Year's Short Sale Affects your Taxes
Posted On: January 2015
It's that time of year again. With W-2's in hand, you are ready to head off to your local accountant to complete your taxes, and may even be excited to get a refund this year. As you rush out the... Read More

How do I correct the sales price on my home?
Posted On: August 2013
ASK AN ILLINOIS REALTOR, WITH TIFFANY BREWINGTONQ: The Assessor and Recorder’s office are showing the wrong sales price for my home that I purchased last spring. How do I fix this?A: You... Read More

How to Find Great Deals
Posted On: September 2012
Editor: Tiffany BrewingtonUPDATE:How to Find Great Deals With Andrew Holmes, Jane Garvey, & Record Information ServicesIf you missed the September 8/9 event on “How to Find Great... Read More

Completed Foreclosures Skyrocket in Chicago Area
Posted On: August 2012
Editor: Tiffany BrewingtonCompleted foreclosure auctions in the Chicago six county region more than doubled from the first half of 2011 to the first half of 2012, new data from Woodstock Institute... Read More

Local service provides public record data
Posted On: September 2011
For entrepreneur Jeffrey A. Metcalf, slow, consistent and what one might call "Record-setting" growth is the goal of his business."I've always believed in hitting singles as opposed... Read More

Far fewer foreclosures in suburbs...
Posted On: August 2011
Far fewer foreclosures in suburbs, but it's false hopePosted in: Daily Herald, 08/11/11Editor: Tiffany BrewingtonDuPage County as well as the state overall saw record decreases in foreclosures... Read More

Foreclosure Auction Results for 2010
Posted On: January 2011
In Cook County, Illinois, over 27,500 foreclosure auctions were scheduled for an auction sale date between the months of January 2010 and December 2010. As of January 1, 2011, the results of... Read More

Foreclosure Update, December 1, 2010
Posted On: December 2010
In Cook County, Illinois, over 25,000 foreclosure auctions were scheduled for an auction sale date between the months of January 2010 and November 2010. As of December 1, 2010, the results of... Read More

Foreclosure Update, September 13, 2010
Posted On: December 2010
In Cook County, Illinois, over 22,500 foreclosure auctions were scheduled for an auction sale date between the months of January 2010 and August 2010. As of September 6, 2010, the results of those... Read More

5 Reasons why you should not walk away from...
Posted On: September 2010
5 Reasons Why You Should Not Walk Away From Your Home In Foreclosure 1. You still own your home, the bank does not. Illinois’ foreclosure process is that of Judicial Foreclosure, and it is... Read More

Public Record Leads discussed at Hampshire Chamber
Posted On: August 2010
Editor: Tiffany Brewington Stacey Ekstrom, of the Hampshire Chamber, and Jeff Metcalf, from Record Information Services, were the guest speakers at the Hampshire Area Chamber’s July... Read More

Senate Bill 2513 signed into law April 5, 2009
Posted On: August 2010
Editor: Tiffany Brewington Homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage can now receive an extended grace period prior to foreclosure being filed, according to Senate Bill 2513, which was signed... Read More

Local Public Records Firm Launches Web Site
Posted On: August 2010
Editor: Tiffany Brewington KANEVILLE - One of Chicagoland's data gathering firms is making its Illinois public record databases available to the public. Check Illinois, a subsidiary of Record... Read More

More houses return to lender
Posted On: August 2008
Mortgage owners increasingly stuck with foreclosed homes they can't move at auction By Becky Yerak | Chicago Tribune reporter - August 21, 2008 The number of vacant eyesore homes in your... Read More

What's wrong with the local housing market?
Posted On: January 2008
The effects of a slowdown within the housing market have been felt both locally and nationally within recent months. Area municipalities have felt the effects of the housing market in the form of... Read More

Posted On: January 2008
Countrywide continues slide as foreclosures rise Late payments and foreclosures rose in December at Countrywide Financial Corp., causing the stock of the nation's biggest mortgage lender to... Read More

Rolling the dice on foreclosure
Posted On: July 2007
Earleda and Kevin Parrish were looking for a home for seven or eight months before they found the one they wanted in Carpentersville. It had the country kitchen Earleda was dreaming about. It had... Read More

Home loss epidemic spreading
Posted On: May 2007
Even upscale areas aren't immune When the subject of foreclosure arises, Lincoln Park isn't usually the first neighborhood conjured up. But even that vibrant Chicago community is not safe... Read More

What's on your record? The answer's a click away
Posted On: May 2007
Company offers background info online for $5 Determining someone's character used to involve an investment of time, perhaps a bit of risk and sometimes a healthy dose of gut instinct. Now, a... Read More

Metcalf trades Village Board for expanding business
Posted On: May 2007
Newspaper clippings and photographs lining the walls of Jeff Metcalf's Kaneville office trace his nine-year career in public office. The newspaper articles date back to 1998, when Metcalf... Read More

Trustee says goodbye as Elburn welcomes rookies
Posted On: May 2007
Elburn leaders bid a fond farewell to a longtime village trustee Monday and welcomed several new members to its board. Jeff Metcalf sat in on his final village board meeting after serving for... Read More

Web Site Helps Search Through Public Records
Posted On: April 2007
Seeking some information on that person you've been dating? Want to check first before hiring that new baby-sitter? Or are you just interested in ensuring your latest real estate transaction... Read More

Subprime lending worries hit home
Posted On: March 2007
The national subprime lending calamity first reached the South Side graystone on Greenwood Avenue in November. That was when the homeowner, a 67-year-old widow named Georgia Rhone, first missed... Read More

News-Talk 560 WIND Radio Interview
Posted On: July 2006
Permanent Link for iTunes: Wind Radio Interview Permanent Link for Window Media Player: Wind Radio Interview   Read More

Crain's List High-End Home Sales
Posted On: May 2006
Permanent Link: crains_home_end_homes.pdf Read More

Are You DNC Compliant? Ask A Professional Column
Posted On: August 2005
As we are all aware, the “Do Not Call” Registry took affect October 2003. Since that time, many companies who do direct phone solicita have had to set up their own databases to address... Read More

Business in the news
Posted On: July 2004
Kaneville's Record Information Services launched a Web site this week, designed to help elected officials target messages to new homeowners and businesses in their districts.... Read More

How about we pick which telemarketers we'd like to hear from?
Posted On: September 2003
When Oct. 1 rolls around, our phones should be ringing far fewer times. That's when the Do Not Call edict against telemarketers takes effect. This is good news for most of us, unless our... Read More

Guest columnist: Jeff Metcalf
Posted On: October 2002
In all the doom and gloom in today's news, there are always bright spots. Sometimes you have to look a little harder for them. I was given this opportunity by the Elburn Herald to share my... Read More

Business plans move to Kaneville
Posted On: August 2002
Record Information Services of Elburn may soon be moving to Kaneville. Jeff Metcalf, owner of Record Information Services, proposed to Kaneville Township officials that he move his company to the... Read More