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Posted On: February 2012


Editor: Tiffany Brewington

If you have turned on the television or opened a newspaper the past few months all you hear about is credit… ……credit. In today’s turbulent economy, your Credit and Credit Scores are more important to you than ever before. And in the future they will be more important than they are today.

But have you ever noticed that NO ONE ever offers to educate people on things they can do to keep their Scores up? In the world today nobody wants to educate anybody and I believe that this is one of the major problems. There are hundreds of companies that will gladly take your money and “do it for you” instead of taking the time to educate people on how to do things themselves for FREE. I feel that my educating people is the most important thing I can do to help people as Credit and Credit Scores are not going away.

Over the past few months, I have been providing information that I hope everyone has learned some things they can do to keep their Scores up or maybe see something that you were doing wrong.

Here are some websites and phone number that are important and everyone should be aware of.

You are allowed a copy of your Credit Report FREE from each of the three Credit Bureaus every twelve months (there is no score and does not count as an inquiry against your Score). I advise people to take advantage of this and get a report from each bureau every four months. This way you are checking your report every few months for errors and if anyone is trying to commit fraud against you. To obtain this report go to or call 877/322-8228.

Do you get bothered with telemarketing calls on your home phone OR your cell phone?

The latest is mass text messages to your phone as cell phone companies have been selling your numbers to telemarketers. To stop this annoying tactic, call the following numbers from the phone you want to register on the National Do Not Call Registry. Once you are on this list. It is a Federal offense for them to call. And it actually works as the fine for companies calling number on this list is $10,000 per call. These are the numbers you need to call - 888/567-8688 or 888/382-1222. I suggest calling both of the numbers.

How about “junk mail”? Is your mailbox filled every day with offers of 0.9% credit cards or home equity loans? Did you know that when you apply for a mortgage, the inquiry that goes on your report allows other companies to know you are looking for a mortgage and can contact you? Pre-Approved credit card offers and all of those so called “special offers just for YOU” things you get in the mail are gold for people that commit fraud and identity theft. In the crazy world we live in nowadays, there are people who spend their days going thru garbage looking for preapproved credit card applications and I feel the less information you have on a piece of paper floating around, the safer you are in protecting your identity.

The Credit Bureaus do a lot more than provide Credit Reports and Credit Scores and one of the things they do is sell mailing lists to the large companies. This is the primary way these companies get your information to send you all of these offers. Due to the increase in identity theft and fraud, the Credit Bureaus have provided a website for consumers to go and register their names on. Once you register on this, it will REMOVE your name from all lists that the Bureaus sell and you will see those offers in your mailbox getting less and less until they come to a halt. Where you need to go to register is -

I always advise people to take advantage of the above site as well as calling and getting on the National Do Not Call list as these are both FREE and they WORK. Not many things you can talk about today that are free and they work.
Finally, I hope you never have to call, but here are the phone numbers for the Fraud Departments for all three Credit Bureaus. When it comes to fraud, it’s the one thing the Bureaus share with each other. So if you call one Bureau and have a “fraud notification” placed on your report, that Bureau will let the other Bureaus know so it shows up on all three of your reports. With Trans Union being the biggest of the Bureaus and it is the dominant Bureau in the Midwest, I suggest calling Trans Union.

Here are the numbers -
Trans Union - 800/680-7289
Equifax - 800/525-6285
Experian - 888/397-3742

Remember, your Credit is so important in the world today and its important that you keep an eye on your Credit for any errors or other problems.

For all your credit-related questions, contact Gary Novel, President of Kreditguru, Inc at 630/624-9557 or

Posted On: February 2012

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