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The spread of COVID-19 has quickly developed into one of the most significant events in our nation&rsquos history. People from all walks of life are struggling to adapt to this situation. With updates from government officials & business leaders changing daily, it&rsquos easy to get confused. At RIS we are dealing with this crisis by staying focused. Our main goal is to protect the well-being of our employees & do our best to continue delivering services to our clients. We&rsquore at the mercy of the federal, state & local governments which are experiencing major slowdowns on the recording of data. We would like to thank all of our government officials for their leadership during this crisis in addition to all of our first responders & health care professionals. Lets hope and pray the new vaccine will give us back some normalcy in our lives.  Posted On: 04-06-20
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Dual agency do’s and don’ts
Conventional wisdom holds that home buyers and sellers each need their own real estate agent to represent their respective best interests. But there are occasions where you may want to consider dual agency, an arrangement whereby one agent or one brokerage company represents both parties in the same transaction. This paradigm has its detractors and disadvantages, but some benefits may outweigh the cons, depending on your...
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New Homeowners 7,834,624
Mortgages 12,311,719
Businesses 137,121
Foreclosures 1,288,859
Tax Sales 83,509
Bankruptcies 1,369,669
Tax Liens 562,595
Divorces 329,474
Criminal Misdemeanors 1,613,692
Felony 751,567
DUI 405,006
Suspended Licenses 1,176,195
Probate 196,591
Incorporations 157,393
Detainers 1,172,841
Liens - Judgments 393,451
Building Violations 38,953
Mortgage Assignments 149,167
Mortgage Releases 974,461