The spread of COVID-19 has quickly developed into one of the most significant events in our nation’s history. People from all walks of life are struggling to adapt to this situation. With updates from government officials & business leaders changing daily, it’s easy to get confused. At RIS we are dealing with this crisis by staying focused. Our main goal is to protect the well-being of our employees & do our best to continue delivering services to our clients. We’re at the mercy of the federal, state & local governments which are experiencing major slowdowns on the recording of data. We would like to thank all of our government officials for their leadership during this crisis in addition to all of our first responders & health care professionals. We hope & pray that a cure/vaccine is discovered quickly & no more lives are lost to this horrible virus. God bless us all and the United States Of America.

Posted On: 04-06-20
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Own a home with a mortgage you’re having difficulty paying because of the pandemic? Under normal circumstances, your home could be subject to foreclosure if you fail to make your loan payments. But these times are hardly normal, and thankfully the government and lenders have lightened the load on economically challenged homeowners. Most importantly, in late March, the CARES Act was signed into law. This federal law allows home...
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New Homeowners 7,572,250
Mortgages 11,909,885
Businesses 133,096
Foreclosures 1,285,185
Tax Sales 77,897
Bankruptcies 1,348,080
Tax Liens 496,893
Divorces 315,220
Criminal Misdemeanors 1,572,365
Felony 709,588
DUI 391,917
Suspended Licenses 1,141,889
Probate 184,310
Incorporations 139,967
Detainers 1,161,543
Liens - Judgments 387,164
Building Violations 38,885
Mortgage Assignments 140,874
Mortgage Releases 883,805